Halide developers launch Kino, a pro video app for the iPhone

iPhone in landscape with video recording app
Kino app’s custom recording settings. | Image: Lux

Lux’s Halide app is popular among photographers for its approachable pro-level features, and now it’s launching Kino, a dedicated video capture app for iPhones with a similar focus on supporting the features professionals look for.

Where Halide was designed to take advantage of Apple’s RAW photography support on newer iPhones, Kino is targeting the iPhone 15 Pro’s support for ProRes videos encoded in the Log format. If you don’t know what that is or have never heard of color grading, here’s the description from our review of the 15 Pro: “That’s the super flat color profile that videographers like because it lets them control the look of the final product more.” Our video producer Vjeran Pavic can go into even more detail.

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