EcoFlow’s new solar generator is a portable powerhouse

You can even charge your EV in a pinch. | Image: EcoFlow

EcoFlow just released its new Delta Pro 3 portable solar generator that can scale to power your entire home during a blackout, a van or RV’s electrical system, or a party at the beach. It can even add a few extra miles to your EV in a pinch.

The Delta Pro 3 improves upon the very capable Delta Pro I reviewed in 2022 with even more storage capacity, more powerful inputs and outputs, reduced noise, and a wider wheelbase that should make moving this 115 pound (52Kg) battery a little bit easier.

As a home backup solution, a single Delta Pro 3 (DP3) battery can scale from 4kWh of LFP capacity to 12kWh when stacking two 4kWh expansion batteries. Notably, it can power both 120V and 240V appliances with up to 4000W of output (8000W peak). That’s…

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