Apple Intelligence and a better Siri may be coming to iPhones this spring

An outline of an iPhone with the multicolored Siri border and a web of lines and dots around the border of the screen.
Better Siri might be here by the spring. | Screenshot: YouTube

Siri will finally get better in spring 2025 when Apple makes its Apple Intelligence AI system available to everyone via its iOS 18.4 update, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the latest Power On newsletter. That’s more specific than Apple has been — so far, it’s only said the flagship AI features will be available next year.

Apple regularly doles out its new features piecemeal, in point updates, across its operating systems. So it’s possible, for instance, that Siri will gain the ability (via Apple Intelligence) to do things on your behalf like dig your ID out of your 20,000-photo-deep library in Photos and copy your driver’s license number to enter into an online form, but perhaps the AI-powered emoji generation or writing…

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